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Welcome to Go Lean 4 Life!

My name is Roberta Campanaro and I obtained my degree in Clinical Nutritionist in 1982 from the University of Maryland and became a certified Health & Nutrition Coach with The Health Coach Institute in 2015. Because the aging population of individuals over 65 will double by 2030, I am now a student once again with AFPA to become certified as a Senior Health & Nutrition Specialist. I have a huge passion for nutrition and a great love for teaching ! So my practice focuses on teaching you enough about your body that you will not need to return!

I would love to help you address health issues, lose weight,

or simply learn how to eat well for life!

Both eating well for life & weight loss are synonymous. They go hand in hand. Weight loss is easy once you discover how your body works. We are all individuals and our bodies are often as different on the inside as they are on the outside. So what works for one person, may not work for the next. I hope to help you learn about your own body chemistry and to find foods you love that match your personal makeup.

If you are tackling a weight concern, everyone starts with our Living Lean 4 Life plan, which I have had tremendous success with. Once you see how your metabolism reacts, we can determine if you have any metabolic roadblocks and tailor a program to fit your needs.

If you are dealing with health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, hormonal issues, autoimmune disorders or even cancer, I will do my best to help you use food as a tool for healing. However, I am also never too proud to refer you to other experts in my field who use food as medicine. Together we can accomplish great things!

As a concierge nutritionist I can work closely with you to teach you how to shop, what to shop for, how to enjoy dining out and what to order. I will even become your personal stress coach! Best of all, I can teach you how to cheat on any diet!

Once we have improved your health or lost the weight together, I hope to teach you how to eat well for life!


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